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Who we are

Motolek Silverton is committed to providing high-quality autoelectrical services and repairs with the efficiency that you need to get your vehicle back on the road quickly.

Our reception office and staff is available to assist with your inquiries and schedule your autoelectrical repair or maintenance service.

All of our employees are committed to providing top-notch service and customer care. We are proud to be the most dedicated professional autoelectrical service provider in the Silverton and Pretoria region.

The difference between Motolek Silverton and our competitors is our commitment to providing quality products and services with honesty and integrity. Choose Motolek Silverton and see the difference that our dedication to excellence makes for you and your vehicle.

Contact Motolek Silverton to learn more about our quality autoelectrical services or to schedule an appointment.

Motolek Silverton
What we do

The battery is the main source of power in your car and if your car battery does not work properly, it can affect your cars efficiency on any of a number of levels.

We here at Motolek Silverton are trained professionals that can detect and service those areas. Our efficient auto electricians are responsible for servicing, maintanance and installing of electrical components, accessories and ancillary equipment on a wide variety of cars and commercial vehicles.

We have the knowledge and experience of working on various electronic systems such as ignitions, immobilizers, alarms, air conditioning, tracking devices and many more.

Motolek Silverton

The world of the Auto Electrician


Click on the image above to get some idea of the basic electronics in the cars of yesteryear.


Click on the image above to get some idea of how involved the elecronics in a motorcar has become today.

It is clear from the involved electronics in current vehicles that the auto electrician is a much more important component in vehicle maintenance. 

Motolek Silverton

There are exciting new developments with respect to motorcars. Electric vehicles, and hybrids, are already on our roads. Self-drive, or autonamous drive vehicles is no longer just a dream.

Whatever you drive, we here at Motolek Silverton can service and maintain the electronic components of your vehicle. 


Motolek Silverton understand that individual INTEGRITY is the basis on which a rock solid work ethic is formed.


Since the inception of Motolek Silverton, we have implemented with confidence the relationship and the foundation of TRUST, as verified by our numerous referrals and long standing customers.


Detail, detail, detail... This is what Motolek Silverton live for! Our emphasis is placed on QUALITY service and we continue to maintain the highest standards in all our dealings.

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Telephone: 012 804 9244