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Aircon Electronics

Motolek Silverton provides professional automotive Aircon and heater system repair for customers.

With the passage of time, all heating and air conditioning systems experience decreased levels of efficiency and may fail altogether without proper maintenance.
Heater cores, belts, and blowers fail, hoses develop leaks, AC coolant discharges from the system, car defrosters fail, and many other issues occur over time that require your attention.

Our heating and air conditioning maintenance and repair service technicians are experienced in quickly determining what the underlying issue is with your
system and repairing the problem efficiently to restore your vehicle’s climate control capabilities.

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Motolek Silverton
Motolek Silverton
Motolek Silverton
Car Alarms
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Fault Finding & Diagnostics
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Auto Electrical
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Rear view Cameras
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Audio Systems
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Motolek Silverton understand that individual INTEGRITY is the basis on which a rock solid work ethic is formed.


Since the inception of Motolek Silverton, we have implemented with confidence the relationship and the foundation of TRUST, as verified by our numerous referrals and long standing customers.


Detail, detail, detail... This is what Motolek Silverton live for! Our emphasis is placed on QUALITY service and we continue to maintain the highest standards in all our dealings.

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