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Motolek Silverton
performs rapid battery testing, charging and installation for our customers.

If you are experiencing any of the following signs that may indicate a potential problem with your vehicle’s battery, stop in to Motolek Silverton right away:
• Engine is Slow to Crank
• Check Engine Light Comes On
• Low Battery Fluid Level
• Swollen, Bloated Battery Case
• Turnover When Starting
• Corroded Battery Terminals
• Rotten Egg (Sulfur) Smell
• Old Age

Most batteries have a life expectancy of two to three years. However, extreme heat and cold can significantly diminish battery life. Short, frequent trips of less than half an hour drain your battery and don’t give it enough time to fully recharge. Don’t get stranded.

Recharge or replace a dying battery as soon as possible.

Other Services offered by Motolek Silverton:
Motolek Silverton
Motolek Silverton
Motolek Silverton
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Motolek Silverton
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Fault Finding & Diagnostics
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Auto Electrical
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Rear view Cameras
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Motolek Silverton

Motolek Silverton understand that individual INTEGRITY is the basis on which a rock solid work ethic is formed.


Since the inception of Motolek Silverton, we have implemented with confidence the relationship and the foundation of TRUST, as verified by our numerous referrals and long standing customers.


Detail, detail, detail... This is what Motolek Silverton live for! Our emphasis is placed on QUALITY service and we continue to maintain the highest standards in all our dealings.

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Telephone: 012 804 9244