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Fault Finding, Wiring & Diagnostics

Computers control and operate systems such as air conditioning, radios, airbags, alarm systems, engine controls and many other components in most modern vehicles.

Some may think that an engine light coming on tells the technician at a workshop what the issue is with the vehicle. However the reality is that this is only an indication of a symptom and not the underlying problem.

Motolek Silverton technicians are trained to use advanced, highly sensitive wire tracing techniques to locate voltage drops of all levels throughout your electrical system. Today’s electrical components utilize ultra-low power components, such as LEDs. Voltage drops of these systems require precise, powerful tools and a significant degree of patience, as there are several miles of wires located in your vehicle. We will locate the source of your power drop and correct it to help keep you safe and your vehicle operational.

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Motolek Silverton understand that individual INTEGRITY is the basis on which a rock solid work ethic is formed.


Since the inception of Motolek Silverton, we have implemented with confidence the relationship and the foundation of TRUST, as verified by our numerous referrals and long standing customers.


Detail, detail, detail... This is what Motolek Silverton live for! Our emphasis is placed on QUALITY service and we continue to maintain the highest standards in all our dealings.

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