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Is your vehicle struggling to start?

You may be experiencing problems with your starter. A weak battery and bad wiring might also lead to starter motor problems. Your vehicle might make clicking sounds or refuse to start altogether.

The Motolek Silverton workshop specialise in repairing and installing starters for a wide range of both old and new vehicle models. Bad wiring can affect the starter and this in turn might be due to time and heat taking a toll on basic electrical components.

Our technicians at Motolek Silverton are experts at diagnosing and finding solutions for starter problems. Contact us at Motolek Silverton or drive into our workshop and let our friendly staff assist you.

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Motolek Silverton
Motolek Silverton
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Motolek Silverton
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Motolek Silverton

Motolek Silverton understand that individual INTEGRITY is the basis on which a rock solid work ethic is formed.


Since the inception of Motolek Silverton, we have implemented with confidence the relationship and the foundation of TRUST, as verified by our numerous referrals and long standing customers.


Detail, detail, detail... This is what Motolek Silverton live for! Our emphasis is placed on QUALITY service and we continue to maintain the highest standards in all our dealings.

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